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Barry de Harde
(Party Leader)

Barry de Harde is an entrepeneur working in the IT,  Internet Service Provider and financial consulting industry. He is a qualified Chartered Accountant. His hobbies include running , golf and light tackle angling.  He stated his interest in political philosophy at an early age, which has culminated in the founding of LIPSA.

Paul Hjul (Chairperson)

Paul is a (former) philosophy student, whose life philosophy is Postel’s Law. His primary research interest lies in the history and emergence of liberalism as a political and legal ideology. This tends to result in his being involved organizing peaceful protest actions and writing about injustices attracting the label of an activist - which he is not. In his spare time he writes polemic opinion pieces and essays, or dabble in the world of geeks as a technophile. He is currently recalcitrantly avoiding becoming a legal practitioner and hope to have a doctorate one day.

Trevor Watkins (Secretary)

Trevor matriculated at De La Salle College in Victory Park, Johannesburg, in 1967. He started a B.Sc degree (Physics, chemistry) at Wits University in 1968, but switched to a B.Sc (Computer Science) through Unisa. 

Trevor worked for LEO Computer Bureaux from 1970 to 1972, in the computer centre at De Beers Diamond Research Laboratory for the next 16 years, and for SPL and Didata for the following 10 years, with a short spell at Price Waterhouse. In 1998 Trevor setup Bozman Enterprises, offering project management, development methodology, data modelling and software development services. In 2003 Trevor jointly developed a Membership Management package called mBase with Van der Walt and Company, who supply accounting and secretariat services to associations. Trevor was a director of Van der Walt and Company until 2008, and now markets mBase and other membership management products independently through Base Software.

He has been involved with the Libertarian movement in South Africa since the first spring seminar in 1985. He has previously been involved with the KISS party and the Economic Freedom Movement.

Colin Phillips (Treasurer)

Colin Phillips is an Optimisation Analyst working in Johannesburg.  He holds an Honours degree in Operations Research from Wits University, and is studying towards professional certification in Analytics.

Jim Clayson 

Jim, an IT professional of 20 years, is SA-born and bred but returns from a 14-year stint in the UK where he furthered his career in Software Development, as a contractor. His interest was taken with the then-exploding collaborative-development scene, thanks to the internet. Whilst in the UK and in the throws of property development and organic gardening, he discovered Salsa Latin-dance and is now a self-confessed Salsa addict. It wasn't long after the internet came along that he immersed himself in all things Austrian(Economics) and Libertarianism. Currently peaking his interest is digital crypto-currencies and, more specifically, the under-discovered potential in the blockchain. On arriving back in SA after 13 months of world travel including Mexico, Peru, Bolivia, Chile, New Zealand, Australia, Indonesia, Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Cambodia, Laos, Vietnam, Jordan and finally Egypt, Jim has now chosen to settle in the Western Cape, where he works for a well-known South African online retailer.

Nicholas Woode-Smith (Social Media Director)

Nicholas is a student, writer and political activist living in Cape Town. He has been an active participant in the online Libertarian community since he founded the SA Libertarian Movement in 2011. He is currently in his final year of High School, but already has extensive experience in social media marketing. Nicholas also writes both fiction and non-fiction articles and novels.

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