Website improvements!

posted Nov 8, 2013, 12:29 AM by Liberty Libpartysa

Dear Friends of the Libertarian Party of SA,

The exco of LiPSA has been hard at work setting up and tweaking the party infrastructure. If you visit our website at, you can

  • register as a member

  • view links to our Social Media sites

  • view brief profiles of the exco members

  • view our calendar of upcoming libertarian events

  • view an extended list of links to other libertarian websites under Useful links

  • view a list of links to local opinion blogs under Useful links

  • download useful resources such as the membership form

  • listen to the talks and view the slides presented at the recent Prince Albert Spring Seminar (History/Spring Seminars/2013)

  • and view products offered for sale by fellow libertarians in our Free Market

  • Volunteer your time and energies to helping the party in any way you’d like

With modern social media, respect and impact comes from numbers. Please visit our Facebook, Google+, blog and Twitter sites and record your presence there. Just a few words of encouragement are always welcome. Serious engagement on the many issues facing our country would be even more welcome.

If you did not make it down to the seminar in Prince Albert, you can still experience the atmosphere of the event by downloading and listening to the audio files of the talks, while viewing the powerpoint presentations.

If you support the libertarian ideal, consider registering as a LiPSA member on the website. That way we get your correct contact details, we will include you in communications, events and special offers to members in the future, and our standing as a serious party is enhanced. The membership fee is only R10.

To help spread the libertarian message please engage with bloggers and columnists online through their comments sections, critique the collectivist thinking so prevalent on these sites, and try to slip in a mention of libertarianism or the libertarian party.

Please feel free to let us, the LiPSA exco, know how you think we are doing, by email to, or by comments on any of our social media platforms.

Yours in Liberty

LiPSA Executive Committee