Press Release 3: LiPSA files registration papers with IEC

posted Jan 24, 2014, 10:48 PM by Liberty Libpartysa

Press Release 3: Libertarian Party of South Africa- 24th January 2014 15:35

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Libertarian Party files registration papers with IEC

On Friday 24th January 2014 the Libertarian Party of South Africa (LiPSA) filed its party registration papers with the Independent Electoral Commission (IEC), with the intention of contesting the 2014 National Elections. The party comfortably exceeded the 500 signatures required to register a new political party.

The party has grown dramatically since its formation at its inaugural conference in Prince Albert 3 months ago. LiPSA is well represented on social media sites with active Facebook, Google+ and Twitter presences. To find out more about LiPSA and libertarianism, and to join the party, visit our website at

LiPSA is strongly committed to the libertarian philosophy of individual rather than group rights, of respect for life, liberty and property, of consent and non-aggression. More and more individual citizens are demanding a departure from the limiting and divisive nature of modern representative democracy, which elevates powerful groups at the expense of the interests and rights of individuals. Modern libertarianism allows every man and woman to own and control their own lives as they see fit, while respecting the equal rights of others.

Although few in number, the influence of libertarian thought has been profound and is taking root amongst modern youth. Currently most people cannot see or comprehend an alternative to the winner-takes-all brand of democracy by which they are ruled. It is the mission of libertarians worldwide to make the ideas of individual liberty and consent as widely known as the ideas of democracy. It is to this mission that The Libertarian Party of South Africa is committed.

Issued on 24th January 2014 by Trevor Watkins, Secretary of the Executive Committee of the Libertarian Party of South Africa.

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