Libertarian Party rejects racism - Press Release

posted Nov 27, 2013, 10:26 PM by Liberty Libpartysa

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Libertarian Party rejects racism

The Libertarian Party of South Africa rejects race as a determining factor in human affairs. We therefore reject any law or regulation that discriminates on the basis of race.

We believe in the unique identity and potential of each individual - independent of their race, gender, wealth, religion or skin colour. We believe that poor people are made rich by their own effort and initiative in a free marketplace. We do not believe that South Africa’s future can be improved by discriminating against one arbitrary class of people in favour of another arbitrary class, anymore than this same discrimination succeeded in the past.

Twenty years was enough time for Singapore, Hong Kong, Taiwan, South Korea to transform their economies and vastly improve the lives of their citizens, simply by allowing free market policies to flourish. In the same timeframe South Africa has seen many of her poor become poorer as a result of a nationalist, protectionist and centrally planned economic agenda.

After lengthy consideration, the DA Federal Council has decided that determinations based on race will form a part of future DA policy and that race remains a useful proxy for disadvantage.  

This is ironic coming from a party originally formed to fight against race discrimination, with a proud history of rejecting the flawed Nationalist Party theories of race, separation and apartheid. An equal opportunity society, they loudly proclaim, but in which some races will be more equal than others.

The four fundamental principles of the Libertarian Party (available on our website at make no reference to any form of discrimination between individuals on any basis. Discrimination has been the downfall of South Africa in the past. Let us not repeat that mistake in the future.

Issued on 27th November 2013 by Trevor Watkins, Secretary of  the Executive Committee of the Libertarian Party of South Africa.