January 2014 Newsletter

posted Jan 25, 2014, 4:54 AM by Liberty Libpartysa   [ updated Jan 25, 2014, 4:54 AM ]

Much has happened since the Libertarian Party (LiPSA) was formed at the 2013 Libertarian seminar in Prince Albert 3 months ago.

We have setup a Facebook page which has more than 600 followers, representing more South African support for libertarianism than at any previous time.

Our website at www.libpartysa.com receives several thousand hits per month.

We have 60 registered members who have each paid a membership fee of at least R10. More than half of these members are new to the libertarian cause.  If you have not registered as a member, you can do so here.

We have an active blog, a Google+ page, an email discussion group, and a Twitter account (@libpartysa). Our youthful exco members continue to expand our social media presence.

The exco of LiPSA has deliberately focussed its efforts on gathering the 500 signatures required to register the party with the IEC. We are pleased to report that the LiPSA registration papers were couriered to the IEC on Friday 24th January, with comfortably more than 500 signatures.  A press release to this effect was sent out.

We have also finalised the LiPSA statement of principles into a document called the Liberty Charter, of which we are quite proud.

We have prepared a rather radical draft Election Manifesto based on the most urgent issues raised by members. We are appealing to you to give us your thoughts on this manifesto, via our email discussion group. If not already subscribed, just reply to this email and you will be added.  You will see the manifesto in the discussion thread on the site. To comment just send an email to libpartysa@googlegroups.com .

One of the most exciting developments is our brand new LiPSA Operating Culture document. Based on a document prepared by the Pirate Party of Sweden, it describes a radically new way of cooperating  via the Internet to accomplish specific objectives. The author, Rick Falkvinge, describes this as the “Swarmwise” approach in his book of the same name .  This approach, based on mutual trust, allows activists great freedom to help accomplish the goals of the organisation, without tedious bureaucracy. If you are keen to be a libertarian activist, please read through the document on our website, and then go for it! Just keep us informed.

To win a seat in the national parliament we will require 37,000 votes. To pay for the iniquitous election deposit of R200,000 we will require 20,000 members to contribute R10 each, or 4,000 members to contribute R50.  Three months ago it seemed unlikely we could find even 500 signatures to register the party.  Our grandchildren will expect us to try, even if we fail.