EFF Manifesto confused, would damage economy

posted Feb 28, 2014, 2:12 AM by Liberty Libpartysa

Press Release:  Libertarian Party of South Africa - 25th February 2014 15:25

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Issued on 25th February 2014 by Colin Phillips, Treasurer of  the Executive Committee of the Libertarian Party of South Africa.

EFF Manifesto confused, would damage economy - LiPSA

Johannesburg, South Africa. LiPSA members have completed a point-by-point analysis of precisely what is wrong with the ideas presented in the EFF manifesto.  It has been published on the LiPSA blog and is accessible here.

In summary, the EFF manifesto contains many ideas for spending money, and many ideas for stealing money, but almost nothing allowing for the creation of wealth.  What few items in the EFF manifesto do make sense are just simple reversals of poor ANC decisions, rather than the product of a coherent policy position.

The EFF manifesto, if implemented, would cause most investment, as well as many rational South Africans, to leave the country as quickly as possible.  It would be preferable to be a refugee in a foreign country than a citizen in an EFF-ed up South Africa.

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