29th Libertarian Spring Seminar - 2014

posted Sep 29, 2014, 9:00 AM by Liberty Libpartysa

Seashells Apartments – Jeffreys Bay

Thursday  9th October 2014 to

Sunday 12th October 2014

You are invited to attend this famous seminar, at which some of the finest philosophical minds in South Africa will gather to share opinions, insights and experiences around the subject of liberty.  Accommodation is limited, so be sure to register your place early.

Registration Fee:

R200 per person for all 3 days, payable on registration
R100 per person per single day, payable on registration
(Pay to T Watkins, Nedbank account 1237 912 695, branch 123009, use surname as ref)


Self catering four star apartments on beachfront. R300 pppn single, R250pppn double sharing.

Please book directly with hotel at 042 293 1104/042 293 1052 or info@seashell.co.za. Go to www.seashell.co.za for more details.


Included in registration

Breakfast & Lunch:

Breakfast in hotel included in registration, Lunch for own account.


Popular restaurants in Jeffreys Bay, by agreement amongst delegates

Nearest national airport:

Port Elizabeth, 1 hours drive away, 80 kms. There are several shuttle service companies (072 282 4409, 079 490 2389, 083 6111 003, 073 970 7810, 082 449 5735, 072 5211 757) from PE airport to J Bay door-to-door.

Delegates are required to make their own transport arrangements to J Bay. I will publish a list of delegates as soon as practical in case you want to make joint travel arrangements.


Trevor Watkins, 083 4411 721,  base37@gmail.com


There are many B&B and other accommodation establishments in J Bay – including a nearby camping and caravan site


We have funds available to sponsor deserving delegates to this seminar. If you are interested in a sponsorship please send a brief CV and motivation to Trevor Watkins at base37@gmail.com. Preference will be given to delegates who can get to J Bay at their own expense.

Call for papers

If you would like to present a paper at this seminar, please email your name, your preferred slot(1-17), and the title and synopsis of your proposed topic to base37@gmail.com.

There are 13 one hour presentation slots, consisting of a 10 minute changeover break, strict maximum of 30 minutes presentation, followed by 20 minutes question time.

There are 4 twelve minute presentation slots on Sunday morning, consisting of 1 minute changeover, 6 minutes presentation and 5 minutes question time.


 Thursday evening, 9th October  - Informal drinks on the deck or in local pub.

Friday 10th October

Saturday 11th October

Sunday 12th October

9-10 Frances Kendall -  Fast and slow thinking and the Oscar Pistorius trial

9-10 Gareth De Vaux – The road to anarchy

9-10 Schalk Dormehl – State of the dark web

10-11 Ivo Vegter -The tinfoil-hat  loonies were right all along

10-11  Trevor Watkins – Authoritarians

10-11 Slot 13

11-11.30 Tea

11-11.30 Tea

11-11.30 Tea

11.30-12.30 Leon Louw – A libertarian approach to traditional law

11.30-12.30 Ron Weissenberg - Orania – Whitewash, white elephant or white what?

11.30- C Bower – What do people want?

11.45 E Marais – Dorp van Drome – individual activism that works

12.00 – C Bower - Punishment - a pointless pursuit

12.15 T Watkins – Pirates and swarms

12.30-16.00 Lunch/leisure

12.30-16.00 Lunch/leisure

13.00-16.00 Lunch/departure

16.00-17.00 George Werner - Abolishing Government as a social institution, Practical or Utopian?

16.00-17.00 Stephan Botes – When government operates in fiction


17.00-18.00 Schalk Dormehl - State of the surveillance state

17.00-18.00 Garth Zietsman - Liberty and Democracy

19.00 Dinner

19.00 Dinner


Synopses of talks



Date and time

Ron Weissenberg

Orania – Whitewash, white elephant or white what?

 Orania- An independent democratic state within South Africa, or an all-white enclave of Afrikaner Calvinism and nationalism?
With some Constitutional interpretation and serious use of colour on this patina of possibility , could this model of self-determination be a contender for our citizenship?

11.30-12.30 Saturday 11/10/14

Trevor Watkins


An overview of the books “The Authoritarians” by Bob Altemeyer.

Pirates and Swarms

An overview of  “Swarmwise”  by Rick Falkvinge, founder of the Swedish Pirate Party, and its relevance to libertarian ideas.

Saturday 11/10/14



Stephan Botes

When government operates in fiction

How the de jure government of the united (in lower case) States having been superceded by the de facto Government of the UNITES STATES, an ens legis, a creature of the law, a federal corporation operating in legal fiction and no longer bound by constitutional principles, affects us in South Africa.

16.00-17.00 Saturday 11/10/14

Ivo Vegter

The tinfoil hat loonies were right all along

The surveillance state, and the implications of Edward Snowden's revelations.


Andrew Kenny

Chiefs and Traders:  Explaining our Evil Labour Laws

My talk will be trying to explain a mystery of morality and economics.  Why do so many people believe that it is morally better for an unemployed man to starve to death rather than work for a salary below the prescribed minimum?  I believe the answer lies deep in our evolutionary past.

15.00-16.00 Friday