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29th Libertarian Spring Seminar - 2014

posted Sep 29, 2014, 9:00 AM by Liberty Libpartysa

Seashells Apartments – Jeffreys Bay

Thursday  9th October 2014 to

Sunday 12th October 2014

You are invited to attend this famous seminar, at which some of the finest philosophical minds in South Africa will gather to share opinions, insights and experiences around the subject of liberty.  Accommodation is limited, so be sure to register your place early.

Registration Fee:

R200 per person for all 3 days, payable on registration
R100 per person per single day, payable on registration
(Pay to T Watkins, Nedbank account 1237 912 695, branch 123009, use surname as ref)


Self catering four star apartments on beachfront. R300 pppn single, R250pppn double sharing.

Please book directly with hotel at 042 293 1104/042 293 1052 or Go to for more details.


Included in registration

Breakfast & Lunch:

Breakfast in hotel included in registration, Lunch for own account.


Popular restaurants in Jeffreys Bay, by agreement amongst delegates

Nearest national airport:

Port Elizabeth, 1 hours drive away, 80 kms. There are several shuttle service companies (072 282 4409, 079 490 2389, 083 6111 003, 073 970 7810, 082 449 5735, 072 5211 757) from PE airport to J Bay door-to-door.

Delegates are required to make their own transport arrangements to J Bay. I will publish a list of delegates as soon as practical in case you want to make joint travel arrangements.


Trevor Watkins, 083 4411 721,


There are many B&B and other accommodation establishments in J Bay – including a nearby camping and caravan site


We have funds available to sponsor deserving delegates to this seminar. If you are interested in a sponsorship please send a brief CV and motivation to Trevor Watkins at Preference will be given to delegates who can get to J Bay at their own expense.

Call for papers

If you would like to present a paper at this seminar, please email your name, your preferred slot(1-17), and the title and synopsis of your proposed topic to

There are 13 one hour presentation slots, consisting of a 10 minute changeover break, strict maximum of 30 minutes presentation, followed by 20 minutes question time.

There are 4 twelve minute presentation slots on Sunday morning, consisting of 1 minute changeover, 6 minutes presentation and 5 minutes question time.


 Thursday evening, 9th October  - Informal drinks on the deck or in local pub.

Friday 10th October

Saturday 11th October

Sunday 12th October

9-10 Frances Kendall -  Fast and slow thinking and the Oscar Pistorius trial

9-10 Gareth De Vaux – The road to anarchy

9-10 Schalk Dormehl – State of the dark web

10-11 Ivo Vegter -The tinfoil-hat  loonies were right all along

10-11  Trevor Watkins – Authoritarians

10-11 Slot 13

11-11.30 Tea

11-11.30 Tea

11-11.30 Tea

11.30-12.30 Leon Louw – A libertarian approach to traditional law

11.30-12.30 Ron Weissenberg - Orania – Whitewash, white elephant or white what?

11.30- C Bower – What do people want?

11.45 E Marais – Dorp van Drome – individual activism that works

12.00 – C Bower - Punishment - a pointless pursuit

12.15 T Watkins – Pirates and swarms

12.30-16.00 Lunch/leisure

12.30-16.00 Lunch/leisure

13.00-16.00 Lunch/departure

16.00-17.00 George Werner - Abolishing Government as a social institution, Practical or Utopian?

16.00-17.00 Stephan Botes – When government operates in fiction


17.00-18.00 Schalk Dormehl - State of the surveillance state

17.00-18.00 Garth Zietsman - Liberty and Democracy

19.00 Dinner

19.00 Dinner


Synopses of talks



Date and time

Ron Weissenberg

Orania – Whitewash, white elephant or white what?

 Orania- An independent democratic state within South Africa, or an all-white enclave of Afrikaner Calvinism and nationalism?
With some Constitutional interpretation and serious use of colour on this patina of possibility , could this model of self-determination be a contender for our citizenship?

11.30-12.30 Saturday 11/10/14

Trevor Watkins


An overview of the books “The Authoritarians” by Bob Altemeyer.

Pirates and Swarms

An overview of  “Swarmwise”  by Rick Falkvinge, founder of the Swedish Pirate Party, and its relevance to libertarian ideas.

Saturday 11/10/14



Stephan Botes

When government operates in fiction

How the de jure government of the united (in lower case) States having been superceded by the de facto Government of the UNITES STATES, an ens legis, a creature of the law, a federal corporation operating in legal fiction and no longer bound by constitutional principles, affects us in South Africa.

16.00-17.00 Saturday 11/10/14

Ivo Vegter

The tinfoil hat loonies were right all along

The surveillance state, and the implications of Edward Snowden's revelations.


Andrew Kenny

Chiefs and Traders:  Explaining our Evil Labour Laws

My talk will be trying to explain a mystery of morality and economics.  Why do so many people believe that it is morally better for an unemployed man to starve to death rather than work for a salary below the prescribed minimum?  I believe the answer lies deep in our evolutionary past.

15.00-16.00 Friday



posted May 1, 2014, 12:48 AM by Liberty Libpartysa


July 9-12, 2014, Planet Hollywood, Las Vegas


“So good, I changed my schedule to attend all 3 days.” -- Steve Forbes 

          “The most intense, rewarding, intellectual, create-your-own 3 day conference I’ve ever attended.” -- Bob Poole, Jr.,Reason magazine


Dear freedom lovers everywhere,


Expect BIG things at our big show in Las Vegas, where the best and the brightest gather to profit, network, and celebrate liberty


After last year’s conference (we had over 164 speakers and 2,500 attendees), I got a letter from a lifetime subscriber, Bill Wanamaker from Virginia.  He wrote, “My wife Karen thought she’d spend some time by the pool. But no! The presentations were of such caliber and timely that we never got outside the hotel."


Earlier this year, I received a call from the producer of John Stossel’s show on Fox.  They can’t wait to come back to FreedomFest.  Last year’s “Are We Rome?” theme was so successful that Fox News re-aired it a record six times. 


I guarantee you will think and live better as a result of FreedomFest.   Thousands have changed their way of acting and thinking. 


What’s FreedomFest about?  Everything!  It’s an intellectual feast in the entertainment capital of the world.  We have dozens of sessions, panels and debates galore -- on philosophy, history, science & technology, money and investing, healthy living, geo-politics, law and religion.  Most of my attendees return year after year.  What’s all the buzz about?


Think of it as the gathering of the faithful.  People are calling FreedomFest many things:  A Live Wikipedia for libertarians; aRenaissance gathering for free thinkers; the Trade Show for Liberty; the New Mecca for free minds, the Focal Point for liberty lovers; the Gathering of the Tribes; the blow-out conference of gold bugs; the Disneyland for the mind; and theGreatest Libertarian Show on Earth (Washington Post).  There’s something for everyone at FreedomFest. 


It’s a “WOW” experience, as one reporter called it. 


What can you expect in 2014?  This year’s theme is “big brother” -- how government is taxing us, regulating us, watching our every move and turning us into a Nanny State…or worse, a Police State.  Watch our #1 video preview


But not to worry:  Our experts will show you how to beat big brother and fight excessive taxation, regulation, and the Nanny State.  We look to market solutions, not the government, to solve the world’s problems of poverty, inequality, and the environment. 


Top Speakers at This Year’s Big Show


Our speakers and experts at FreedomFest reads like a who’s who in the freedom movement.


O Ambassador Steve Forbes will be there all three days.  Here’s your chance to rub shoulders with the world’s most successful entrepreneurs and business leaders.  In fact, most of our speakers stay all 3 days.  Why?  As Keith Fitz-Geraldstates, “FreedomFest is the conference that even speakers enjoy attending.” And spouses!  Attendees are always amazed to see famous people in the exhibit hall or sitting next to them in a session. 


“That’s what’s so unique about FreedomFest,” attendee Jim Hill says, “It's the only conference I know where we attendees have complete access to all the top speakers throughout the conference.”  It's true. Almost all of our speakers, including Steve Forbes and John Mackey, attend the entire conference and mingle with the attendees. We don't even offer a speakers lounge! 


O Good news!  Our other ambassador, John Mackey (CEO, Whole Foods Market) is so impressed with our program that he is also joining us all three days, and will be speaking on his great new book “Conscious Capitalism:  Liberating the Heroic Spirit of Business” and engaging in a debate with Yaron Brook (Ayn Rand Institute) on “Altruism vs. Selfishness:  What is the Best Brand for Capitalism Today?” 


O SPECIAL PREMIER!  Be sure to arrive early on Wednesday, July 9, for the premier of “Atlas Shrugged, the Part 3,” the grand finale of the famous Ayn Rand novel on the silver screen, in the Celebrity Ballroom following our gala opening ceremonies and cocktail party.  Hosted by John Stossel!  See the film, ask questions of John Galt and other cast members and producers three months before the public debut.  Only at the Anthem Film Festival at FreedomFest! 


O Famed historian H. W. Brands on "FDR vs. Reagan: Who's Ideas Will Dominate the 21st Century?”  Plus he will lead a panel on “World War I:  The War to End All Wars and the Beginning of Big Government.” 


O Libertarian commentator and humorist P. J. O'Rourke on his new book "How the Boomers Saved Everything." 


--Just added!  Harris Rosen, CEO and founder of Rosen hotels & resorts, on “Real Solutions to Healthcare and Poverty.” Rosen is not only famous for being the more profitable hotel chain in central Florida (ahead of Disney and Universal), but he is known for treating his employees well (he never laid off a single employee during the Great Recession), offering a far superior “wellness” healthcare program (better and cheaper than ObamaCare), and developing the most successful anti-poverty program locally at Tangelo Park in Florida.  He will sit down with Steve Forbes and tell his story


Rosen will hold a special breakout session directly afterwards with Heather Higgins (Independent Womens Network), Robert Fautz (social entrepreneur), and moderator Marty Cummins on the future of “enlightened capitalism.” 


O Michael MedvedAmerica's #1 radio host on pop culture and politics, will speak on "Hollywood vs. America: How-and Why-the Entertainment Industry Has Broken Faith With Its Audience." 


O Big Four Panel, "Can Free-Market Think Tanks Make a Difference?" with John Allison (Cato), Grover Norquist(Americans for Tax Reform), David Nott (Reason), and Darcy Olsen (Goldwater Institute).  Plus Mark Littlewood, president of the Institute for Economic Affairs (IEA) in London, on “Orwell and Huxley: Were They Too Optimistic?” 


O Dinesh D’Souza, bestselling author and film maker (“2016”), will premier his new film “America,” at FreedomFest (as part of the Anthem film festival).  He will also update us on the Justice Department’s political retaliation against him. Plus John Fund (American Spectator) on his new book, “Obama’s Enforcer:  Eric Holder’s Justice Department.”  The inside story. 


O Richard Viguerie (“Mr. Conservative”) on his new book, “TAKEOVER:  The 100-year War for the Soul of the GOP and How Conservatives can Finally Win It.”  He will also speak on How Conservatives can Outlive Liberals, A Roadmap for a Long, Healthy, Happy, and Meaningful Life.” 

(Our healthy living sessions are always SRO.)


Wayne Allyn Root on his new book “The Murder of the Middle Class” The Federal government’s welfare programs devastated the culture of the American Indians, will it now destroy America’s Middle Class? 


O Jon Golding, business manager extraordinaire from London, on "From Distress to Success:  10 Easy Steps to Financial Literacy Power." 


Prof. Ken Elzinga, U of Virginia: "C.S. Lewis and Freedom: Christianity's Most Famous Apologist Meets Adam Smith"  Professor Elzinga will also participate in a panel on “The World’s Best Economics Professors,” along with Richard Ebeling (Northwood), Ken Schoolland (Hawaii Pacific University), and Sean Flynn (Scripps College at Clermont), the primary author of the #1 economics textbook in the country (McConnell/Brue).   Sean will also be speaking on “Why Singapore’s Medisave is Ten Times Better and Cheaper than ObamaCare.”    


David Brin, award winning science fiction writer and futurist, on "Will Technology Liberate or Enslave Us?”  PlusMichael Shermer (Scientific American) will discuss his new book “Moral Progress” with cultural commentators Michael Medved and P. J. O’Rourke in a provocative panel/debate, “Is the West in Moral Progress or Decline?”


Charles Murray (American Enterprise Institute fellow and bestseller author) on “The War on Poverty:  Why We Are Still Losing Ground and What to Do About It."  (FreedomFest is all about real solutions to our nation's problems.)  He will also speak on "Charles Murray's Top Ten Pet Peeves: Confessions of a Conservative Libertarian," based on his delightful new book (due out in April) called "The Curmudgeon's Guide to Getting Ahead: Dos and Don'ts of Right Behavior, Tough Thinking, Clear Writing, and Living a Good Life." Not to be missed!


O Greg Lukianoff (FIRE) on “Unlearning Liberty and Campus Censorship:  No More Debates?”


O Tom Campbell, dean of the law school at Chapman University, on “Big Brother Gone Wild:  Untangling the Three Branches of Government.”  Plus Susanne Campbell (Chapman), Jon Utley (American Conservative), and Lawrence Reed(FEE) on a special panel, "Back in the USSR:  Big Brother in the Old Soviet Union.”   All three have had experiences with Big Brother in the former Soviet Union.  Could it happen here?


O California Dreamin’ – Leaving on a Jet Plane?” – the pro’s and con’s of living and working in California, with Brian Calle (Orange County Register), Jim Lacy (author, “Taxafornia”), Tom Campbell (Chapman University) and Floyd Brown(Excellentia).  

o Marji Ross, publisher of Regnery Publishing, on "So You Want to Write a Bestseller:  Secrets of a Book Industry Pro."


Rob Kampia (Marijuana Policy Project) on “Incredible Business Opportunities in the Emerging, Legal Marijuana Market”


O John Lott (Crime Prevention Research Center) on "It's A Crime: Gun Control, Mandatory Sentencing and Other Big Brother Attacks on Liberty." 

O Barbara Kolm, director of the Austrian Economics Center in Vienna and the highly successful Free-Market Road Show in Europe, will be flying in from the Continent to address us on "The European Crisis:  Is There Any Light at the End of the Tunnel?" 


O Steve Moore, who moved from the Wall Street Journal to become the chief economist at the Heritage Foundation, on “Red States vs. Blue States:  Where do you want to live?” 


O Get college credit:  Enroll with Doug French (Mises Institute of Canada) on “Austrian Business Cycle Theory – The Las Vegas Experience” and other courses. 


O FEE Day!  President Lawrence Reed plus economist Steve Horwitz on the story behind the record-setting "Keynes v Hayek" rap video, and Freeman editor Max Borders on inequality. 


Reason Day!  “WTF! or, How to Woo Millennials and Win the Future!” with Matt Welch and Nick Gillespie….“Rendezvous with Demography: Why the Future Favors Freedom” with Polling Director Emily Ekins…”Big Brother Smackdown: How New Media is Beating Back the Surveillance State”…by Reason TV and Remy Munasifi... “Is Big Brother Killing the Jaguarundi?  How the Endangered Species Act is harming endangered animals,”  with Brian Seasholes.  Always educational and entertaining.    


O Richard Rahn (Cato) will be putting together a panel on “Ukraine and Other Hot Spots Around the World.”  Li Schoolland will bring us up to date on Big Brother in China. 


Lee Edwards, Mr. Conservative, on “Barry Goldwater—The First Libertarian Presidential Candidate.”


Michael Steele, former chairman of the Republican Party, on “How to Compromise without Compromising Your Principles.” 


Marc Eliot, Hollywood’s #1 biography, returns to speak on two new books on John Wayne and Jack Nicholson.  Always entertaining. 


John Baden and wife Ramona (FREE Foundation in Montana) on “Give Us Back our Land: Why the National Parks (and Federal Lands) Should be Privatized.”


Special Sessions on Philosophy and Literature!


O Tom Palmer (Atlas Network) on “St. Augustine vs. St. Thomas Aquinas:  Which Saint Won the West?” 


Keli'i Akina (Grassroot Institute of Hawaii) on “Was Confucius a Libertarian?"


Jo Ann Skousen on "big brother" classics: 1984, Brave New World, Fahrenheit 451 and Anthem.  (Don’t miss her Anthem film festival, always a hit.) 


Jill Burnett on yoga and freedom (don’t miss her yoga exercises every morning). 




O Matt Kibbe (FreedomWorks) on his New York Times bestseller, “Don’t Hurt People and Don’t Take Their Stuff:  A Libertarian Manifesto.”


O Blockbuster “Real Entitlement Reform” panel with Peter Ferrara and Lew Uhler (National Tax Limitation Foundation),John Goodman (National Center for Policy Analysis) and Steve Moore (Heritage). 


Jim Powell on “How Friends of Freedom Have Fought Big Brother With Black Markets, Guerrilla Tactics and Underground Resistance.”  

Radley Balko on his new book “Rise of the Warrior Cop” and the danger of SWAT teams. 


Joe Lehman, president of the Mackinac Center in Michigan, will lead a blue-ribbon panel on “Can State Think Tanks Make a Difference?” 


“The Future of Bitcoin” Panel with technologist extraordinaire George Gilder, Jeffrey Tucker (, andPerianne Boring (DATA).  Bill Miller, the renown Legg Mason fund manager, explained why he's buying Bitcoin in his own personal account:  "The addressable market is as big as there's ever been in the history of the world."  Find out at our Bitcoin Panel and how you can profit. 


O This year marks the 100th anniversary of the Great War (WW1).  We are planning this panel:  Historian H. W. Brands(University of Texas) on “The War that Ended Peace” with Tom Palmer (Atlas Foundation) and Steve Forbes


Debates Galore!


We always have a lot of great debates.  “I love FreedomFest,” declares John Mackey, “especially the debates.”  We are planning quite a few, such as:  "The Minimum Wage, Good or Bad for Workers?"  with Professor Jeff Waddoups (UNLV) vs Mark Skousen (Chapman University), with Gene Epstein (Barron's) as moderator... "Should Classical Liberals Support a Progressive Tax or a Flat Tax?" pitting Lanny Ebenstein (UC Santa Barbara) vs. Steve Moore (Heritage).  Moderated by Dan Mitchell (Cato).  And John Mackey will argue in favor of “Inequality is Good for Society.”  His opponent is TBA. 


This Year’s Mock Trial:  “American Foreign Policy”


Good news!  We are all set for our mock trial this year:  "American Foreign Policy on Trial."  The mock trial is always our most popular event. 


Has American Foreign Policy since 9/11 been good or bad?  One of the most controversial debates over the past dozen years is America's involvement in the Middle East and never ending foreign wars, which has spawned thousands of civilian casualties and wounded soldiers, as well as "Big Brother" issues surrounding the Patriot Act, NSA snooping on Americans, and drones. 


Defending America will be Dinesh D'Souza, bestselling author and producer of the new film "America" (to be shown at FreedomFest Friday night).  He will make the case that US foreign policy has been largely good in the world, defending itself against real enemies, supporting the Patriot Act, and wars in Irag and Afghanistan, need for the CIA, NSA, etc. 


His star witnesses will be Steve Forbes, who firmly believes we should be fighting the terrorists and enemies of liberty around the world; and Brigadier General Michael Meese.  He is the son of Ed Meese, Reagan's attorney general, and a veteran at West Point, with completed missions in Bosnia, Iraq and Afghanistan....and now retired so he can speak his mind.


Leading the case against American foreign policy will be Daniel McCarthy, the fiery editor of American Conservativemagazine.  He will make the case that American foreign policy has been imperialistic, and a disaster, creating unnecessary enemies around the world.  He and his star witnesses will argue for a new policy on non-intervention in foreign affairs while encouraging commercial interests and free trade.


McCarthy's star witnesses will be Grover Norquist, the president of Americans for Tax Reform, and considered "the most powerful man in Washington" (CNN).  He is a strong opponent to the extended wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, and long-term interventionism; and the flamboyant and controversial Douglas R. Casey, author of "The International Man," world traveler, and anarco-capitalist extraordinaire. 


Who's the Judge?  Kennedy, the Reason TV host in the hot new libertarian show "The Independents" on Fox Business.   She's the ideal court jester who will keep the lawyers, witnesses and jury on their toes. 


The mock trial will be held at 5 pm on Friday, July 11, at the Celebrity Ballroom.  (Just think 7-11!).  The sparks will fly. 


* * *


          "For over 50 years, I’ve attended many conferences, but no one comes close to putting together a gathering so instructive, stimulating and downright fun as what you have done with the FreedomFest." -- Lou Carabini, president, Monex


* * *


All the Major Thinks:  The Trade Show for Liberty


See and talk with representatives of free-market think tanks from around the world like Reason, Cato, Heritage, Students for Liberty, Heartland, FEE, Atlas…..Market-friendly universities like Chapman and Northwood….News organizations likeFox News, Newsmax, Human Events, Daily Caller, American Spectator and C-SPAN (which covers us every year). There’s Blogger’s Row….and book sellers like Liberty Fund and FreedomFest Bookstore (famous authors sign books all day)….Financial publications like the Wall Street Journal, Barron’s, Investors Business Daily, Kitco…. And top investment services in energy, mining, gold and silver.   Plus our new publisher Salem Communications, Regnery Books, Human Events, and Eagle Publishing. 


Once again, Mark Skousen, editor of Forecasts & Strategies, will be offering his popular pre-conference seminars on Wednesday, July 9, on these topics:  (1).  "Better Jobs, Higher Pay:  The Free-Market Alternative to the Minimum Wage."  (2).   "GO Beyond GDP:  Get Ready for a Better Way to Measure the Economy" (a triumph of supply-side Austrian economics!), and (3).  "The Maxims of Wall Street:  What I've Learned from Meeting John Templeton, Warren Buffett and Other Financial Gurus."   Come early and get a good seat. 


 3-day “Financial Freedom” Seminar


What would freedom be without financial freedom?  That’s why every year we have a 3-day financial freedom conference with topic experts, including:


Blue Ribbon Money Management Luncheon with Donald Smith (New York hedge fund who has outperformed Buffett); Peter Schiff (EuroPacific Capital) on “Profits from the Real Crisis”; Adrian Day will speak on “How to Beat the Market with Hot Foreign Stocks and Mining Stars.”  David Norcom (NorCap Investment Management) on “Financial Hurricanes, Tornados and Earthquakes: How to Survive and Profit from Volatility.”  Moderated by Alexander Green(investment director, Oxford Club). 


Not all are doomsdayers at FreedomFest.  Alex Green will make the case for optimism and higher stock prices as will Carnegie-Mellon Professor Joel Stern (Stern Value Management), who will speak on “4% Real Growth This Year!  What it Means to Investors?” 


Special sessions on tax and estate planning with David T. Phillips on “Te n Most Common Estate Planning Mistakes,” Jeffrey Verdon on “Three Winning Tax Strategies the Dirty, Filthy, Sticken’ Rich,” and Joe Gondolfo on “My Favorite Way to Stop Paying Estate Taxes.”    


Other notables include real estate guru Jack Reed, Keith Fitz-Gerald, Doug Casey, Peter Hug, Chris Versace, Van Simmons, Dan Mangru, Peter Zipper, Lou Petrossi, John Browne, and Bert Dohmen


* * *

"I was going to leave early, but after my first day at FreedomFest, I changed my flight at a cost of several hundred dollars more to attend the entire conference. It was worth every penny." -- Carl Johnston, attendee


* * *

Opening Cocktail Party….Luncheons…and Saturday Night Banquet


Don’t Miss our Amazing Opening Cocktail Party…and the World’s Most Unusual Exhibit Hall…and our Famous Saturday Night Banquet and Dance!  (Yes, we’re channeling Janis Joplin and her band “Big Brother and the Holding Company”!)


We are also offering special luncheons all three days (these are extra – you need to register).  On Thursday, choose betweenGrover Norquist (“most powerful man in Washington” – CNN) and our Blue-Ribbon Money Managers Forum (see above)….On Friday, between Dinesh D’Souza and Michael Steele/Steve Forbes….On Saturday, P. J. O’Rourke and one other lunch speaker TBA.  And don’t forget breakfasts on Friday (Steve Moore and John Fund) and Saturday (Mark Skousen).   Details on topics and costs can be found when you register. 


* * *


          “You libertarians know how to have a good time with dancing, skits, mock trials, magic acts, yoga, silver dollars, and fun debates, all in the world’s most laissez faire city. It was incredible." -- Lee Edwards, Heritage Foundation

* * *


Sign Up Now—Don’t be Disappointed


Reserve your ticket now:  July 9-12, 2014, at Planet Hollywood in Las Vegas.  Attendance will be limited to 3,000 this year.  (Expect us to sell out.)  I urge you register early to avoid disappointment.  Call Tami Holland, our conference coordinator, at 1-866-266-5101, or register online at  


Conference fee is only $495 per person/$795 per couple.  Luncheons and the gala Saturday night banquet are extra. 


We’re also offering a room block at Planet Hollywood for only $109 a night.  Last year we sold out quickly, so reserve your room today.  More details at


Can anything good come out of Vegas?  Come and enjoy the intellectual feast in the entertainment capital of the world. 


In liberty, AEIOU,


Mark Skousen



P. S. We will be posting new speakers, sessions, panels, and debates frequently, so sign up for our free updates


FreedomFest 2014

Fly there, drive there, bike there, be there!

LiPSA Manifesto launched

posted Apr 27, 2014, 6:20 AM by Liberty Libpartysa

The Libertarian Party manifesto is now available on our webpage and may be downloaded from Google drive here.
The manifesto will be launched at a Google Hangout on air at 3pm SA time on Monday 28th April 2014. To watch this hangout on air live, go here.

April 2014 Newsletter

posted Apr 12, 2014, 7:32 AM by Liberty Libpartysa

The good news is that the Libertarian Party was registered by the IEC as an official South African political party during April 2014, and our certificate is available on the website for inspection. The bad news is that we were unable to raise the R200,000 to contest the national election in May. Even if some kind sponsor had stepped forward with the funds, we would almost certainly have declined to make this iniquitous donation to repairs at Nkandla at this time, as the party is simply not ready to sensibly contest a national election.

Of course this is disappointing, and it has resulted in a bit of a hiatus in the affairs of the party. However, our mission remains the same even if our target dates have been moved down the road a bit. We will now consolidate and build upon the solid structure we have created. We will undertake a range of new projects (see below). We will continue to be the voice of libertarianism, and of reason, within South Africa.

We have adopted an organisational structure unique amongst parties in South Africa. This is the “swarmwise approach”, as described in our LiPSA Operating Culture document. This approach, based on mutual trust, allows LiPSA activists great freedom to help accomplish the goals of the organisation, without tedious bureaucracy. If you are keen to be a libertarian activist, please read through the document, and then go for it! Just keep us informed at Members who indicate that they would like to be actively involved in the development of the party are added to our swarm mailing list. They are included in most strategy discussions, and are encouraged to share their opinions with the rest of exco and the swarm. If you are keen to be added to the swarm, just send an email to Trevor at

After getting the party registered, our next objective is to develop and launch a decent party manifesto. Initially the executive committee spent a lot of time debating what items should appear in the manifesto, leading to a state of paralysis by analysis. We have now taken a more relaxed view of what may appear in the manifesto – any proposal from any member which is consistent with our principles, which is reasonable and feasible, and which adheres to our standard proposal template will be considered for inclusion in the manifesto. You can obtain a copy of the proposal template here, view other pending proposals here, and save your completed proposal here. The outstanding proposals get reviewed once a week by exco and the successful proposals are added to the manifesto on the website. Please consider submitting your favorite proposal for fixing the woes that beset South Africa.

In these days of widespread spam filters we are never certain if our members and supporters are receiving our emails. Please be so kind as to reply to this email with a brief message (Got it! will do), so we can get some idea of who is receiving what.

We are planning a couple of projects in the near future. Your opinion and support for these projects would be much appreciated.

1.      Manifesto launch. The manifesto launch is planned for Monday 28th April (Freedom Day public holiday) at 3pm, as a Google Hangout on air. This means that anyone with access to a computer can participate in the launch. We are planning to ask a well known international libertarian such as Ron Paul to join us in the Google Hangout along with fellow South African libertarians. All are welcome to attend. To view this hangout at 3pm on Monday 28th April, simply go here.

2.      Libertarian Spring Seminar. LiPSA is planning to organise the 2014 Libertarian Spring Seminar and LiPSA party congress on the weekend of 12th to 14th September at a down-market (and therefore cheap) resort in the Cape Town area. This event is the highlight of the libertarian year, and a wonderful opportunity for us all to gather in the flesh. Mark the dates in your diary now!

3.      Bumper sticker. The following bumper sticker can be ordered from Trevor Watkins for R10 each, including postage.

4.      LiPSA T shirts. Every self respecting SA political party has to have T shirts. We are still open to designs and slogans, so if you are a budding graphic designer, let us know. Here is our current design. They would sell for around R100 each. Please order one if you are interested.

5.      V for Vendetta Guy Fawkes masks. These masks have become symbolic of the liberty movement overseas. They can be ordered over the internet. We are thinking of getting a stock and selling them at a small markup, probably for around R50 each. Very useful at public protest gatherings. Let us know if you would like one.

6.      LiPSA Caps. This election seems to be all about headgear, so we are thinking of designing and marketing our very own brand of LiPSA caps, probably gold with our logo on the front. Let us know if you would be interested in 1, at around R100 each.

7.      LiPSA wikipedia article. We are planning to produce a wikipedia article about South African libertarianism and LiPSA. If you have skills in this area, please let us know.

How can you help? Let me count the ways:

1.      Visit and like our Facebook page at . Post a few thoughts while there.

2.      Visit and +1 our Google+ page at . Consider "following" the page.

3.      Visit and follow our Twitter stream at

4.      Visit our blog at, add a few comments of your own to some of the articles.

5.      Visit our website at You can register for membership online for just R10, view many useful links, and do much else. Invite friends to do the same.

6.      Offer to become an activist and join the swarm. It may mean a few extra emails in your inbox. Send an email to

7.      Submit a proposal for the manifesto. Get the template here, and save your proposal here, or send an email to

When you join LiPSA you are making a statement. You are saying that you do not acquiesce in the face of the rampant stupidity and corruption that is destroying our country. You are saying that you are an individual and your voice WILL be heard. You are saying that your name can be counted amongst those who resisted, who said “No! Enough is enough.”. At least you are doing something.


Libertarian Party registration approved by IEC

posted Feb 28, 2014, 2:12 AM by Liberty Libpartysa

Press Release:  Libertarian Party of South Africa - 27th February 2014 15:24

For immediate and general distribution

Issued on 27th February 2014 by Trevor Watkins, Secretary of  the Executive Committee of the Libertarian Party of South Africa.

Libertarian Party registration approved by IEC

Johannesburg, South Africa. The Libertarian Party of South Africa (LiPSA) is delighted to confirm that their application for registration as a political party has been approved by the Independent Electoral Commission (IEC) on 26th February 2014.

The party is already actively preparing to contest the 2014 elections on 7th May. LiPSA offers a realistic alternative to the disastrous policies proposed by the ANC and the EFF. South Africa still has the potential to become a world-class country filled with  prosperous citizens, if only we could adopt the economic policies that have worked so well for the Asian tigers like Hong Kong and South Korea.

Following the successful registration of the party, LiPSA will publish its bold and radical manifesto in the near future.

For more information, please visit or visit

To learn more about the Libertarian Party , please contact

Trevor Watkins, Party Secretary

Phone: 083 4411 721


EFF Manifesto confused, would damage economy

posted Feb 28, 2014, 2:12 AM by Liberty Libpartysa

Press Release:  Libertarian Party of South Africa - 25th February 2014 15:25

For immediate and general distribution

Issued on 25th February 2014 by Colin Phillips, Treasurer of  the Executive Committee of the Libertarian Party of South Africa.

EFF Manifesto confused, would damage economy - LiPSA

Johannesburg, South Africa. LiPSA members have completed a point-by-point analysis of precisely what is wrong with the ideas presented in the EFF manifesto.  It has been published on the LiPSA blog and is accessible here.

In summary, the EFF manifesto contains many ideas for spending money, and many ideas for stealing money, but almost nothing allowing for the creation of wealth.  What few items in the EFF manifesto do make sense are just simple reversals of poor ANC decisions, rather than the product of a coherent policy position.

The EFF manifesto, if implemented, would cause most investment, as well as many rational South Africans, to leave the country as quickly as possible.  It would be preferable to be a refugee in a foreign country than a citizen in an EFF-ed up South Africa.

For more information, please visit or visit

To learn more about the Libertarian Party , please contact

Trevor Watkins, Party Secretary

Phone: 083 4411 721


PR5 - Libertarian Party supports medical cannabis bill

posted Feb 24, 2014, 7:05 AM by Liberty Libpartysa

Press Release:  Libertarian Party of South Africa - 23rd February 2014 - 17:00

For immediate and general distribution

Issued on 23rd February 2014 by Trevor Watkins, Secretary of  the Executive Committee of the Libertarian Party of South Africa.

Libertarian Party supports medical cannabis bill

Johannesburg, South Africa.

The Libertarian Party of South Africa (LiPSA) wholeheartedly endorses the bill for the legalisation of medical cannabis introduced by IFP member of Parliament, Dr Mario Oriani-Ambrosini. Dr Oriani-Ambrosini describes himself as a libertarian, and attended a libertarian annual seminar in Grahamstown in 2012.

LiPSA believes that no government has a right to decide what consenting private individuals put in their bodies. Accordingly, we believe that all forms of cannabis, known in South Africa as dagga, should be legalised, as has been done recently in the American states of Colorado and Washington. This is a classic example of how sensible libertarian ideas, once considered to be on the lunatic fringe, are steadily moving into the mainstream of public thinking.

The benefits of legalisation include:

Less law enforcement time and energy will be committed to prosecuting a victimless crime.
A lucrative new agricultural market will arise within South Africa.

Increased tourism, as has been seen in Washington and Colorado.

Reduced prison population.

Fewer lives destroyed by meaningless prosecutions for private acts.

Hemp fibre has many practical uses which are currently not exploited.

For more information, please visit or visit

To learn more about the Libertarian Party , please contact

Trevor Watkins, Party Secretary

Phone: 083 4411 721


January 2014 Newsletter

posted Jan 25, 2014, 4:54 AM by Liberty Libpartysa   [ updated Jan 25, 2014, 4:54 AM ]

Much has happened since the Libertarian Party (LiPSA) was formed at the 2013 Libertarian seminar in Prince Albert 3 months ago.

We have setup a Facebook page which has more than 600 followers, representing more South African support for libertarianism than at any previous time.

Our website at receives several thousand hits per month.

We have 60 registered members who have each paid a membership fee of at least R10. More than half of these members are new to the libertarian cause.  If you have not registered as a member, you can do so here.

We have an active blog, a Google+ page, an email discussion group, and a Twitter account (@libpartysa). Our youthful exco members continue to expand our social media presence.

The exco of LiPSA has deliberately focussed its efforts on gathering the 500 signatures required to register the party with the IEC. We are pleased to report that the LiPSA registration papers were couriered to the IEC on Friday 24th January, with comfortably more than 500 signatures.  A press release to this effect was sent out.

We have also finalised the LiPSA statement of principles into a document called the Liberty Charter, of which we are quite proud.

We have prepared a rather radical draft Election Manifesto based on the most urgent issues raised by members. We are appealing to you to give us your thoughts on this manifesto, via our email discussion group. If not already subscribed, just reply to this email and you will be added.  You will see the manifesto in the discussion thread on the site. To comment just send an email to .

One of the most exciting developments is our brand new LiPSA Operating Culture document. Based on a document prepared by the Pirate Party of Sweden, it describes a radically new way of cooperating  via the Internet to accomplish specific objectives. The author, Rick Falkvinge, describes this as the “Swarmwise” approach in his book of the same name .  This approach, based on mutual trust, allows activists great freedom to help accomplish the goals of the organisation, without tedious bureaucracy. If you are keen to be a libertarian activist, please read through the document on our website, and then go for it! Just keep us informed.

To win a seat in the national parliament we will require 37,000 votes. To pay for the iniquitous election deposit of R200,000 we will require 20,000 members to contribute R10 each, or 4,000 members to contribute R50.  Three months ago it seemed unlikely we could find even 500 signatures to register the party.  Our grandchildren will expect us to try, even if we fail.

Press Release 4: LiPSA issues Statement of Principles

posted Jan 24, 2014, 10:56 PM by Liberty Libpartysa

Press Release 4: Libertarian Party of South Africa- 24th January 2014 15:35

For immediate and general distribution

Libertarian Party issues Statement of Principles

On Friday 24th January 2014 the Libertarian Party of South Africa (LiPSA) made public the statement of principles for the party. This “Liberty Charter” is brief, uncompromising and completely honest. It makes no concessions for cheap political gain, no “pie-in-the-sky” promises that can't be kept in the real world. It lays out a formula whereby individuals can live freely and in peace, without domination or discord, unlike any other South African political party.

The Principles of LiPSA follows on subsequent pages.



of the

Libertarian Party of South Africa (LiPSA)

The Liberty Charter

As adopted at the 2013 Inaugural Conference of the Libertarian Party of South Africa (LiPSA) on 20th October 2013 in Prince Albert in the Western Cape.


None may deny the hunger of the common people for a peaceful and prosperous life. A life free from rulers and tyrants, from taxes and tolls, from duties undesired and burdens unwanted.

It is in the nature of human beings that they gather in groups for their mutual benefit.  Regulating  these groups to minimise conflict and promote cooperation has been our  great and ongoing challenge. We have slowly developed better forms of governance, advancing from the divine right of kings to the limited right of the majority. But conflict and corruption remain the order of the day, even in the best democracies.

The libertarian philosophy of individual rather than group rights, of respect for life, liberty and property,  of consent and non-aggression, represents a giant step forward on the human path to civilisation. This is not a new philosophy, tracing its roots to ancient Greece and early China. Many of the basic ideas were developed 300 years ago in the age of enlightenment by visionaries such as Adam Smith, Thomas Jefferson and John Stuart Mill.  Most of the American founding fathers would be described as libertarians today. Although few in number, the influence of libertarian thought has been profound and is taking root amongst modern youth.

More and more individual citizens are demanding a departure from the limited and divisive nature of modern representative democracy, which elevates powerful groups at the expense of the interests and rights of individuals.

As the Internet and modern technology allows every man and woman to express their individual preferences and choice of lifestyle, so will modern libertarianism allow every man and woman to own and control their own lives.  Currently most people cannot see or comprehend an alternative to the winner-takes-all brand of democracy by which they are ruled. It is the mission of libertarians worldwide to make the ideas of individual liberty and consent as widely known as the ideas of democracy.  It is to this mission that The Libertarian Party of South Africa is committed.

1.  Identity

The principles set forth in this document shall constitute the basis of the policy positions and political actions of the organization known as the “Libertarian Party of South Africa” hereinafter referred to as the Party or LiPSA.

Members of the Party may be referred to as Libertarians.

We recognize the existence of the South African Constitution as the fundamental law governing South Africa, despite its limitations.

2. Vision

As Libertarians, our vision is of a South Africa in which

  • all individuals are the sole owners of  their lives

  • no one is forced to sacrifice his or her interests for the benefit of others

  • citizens enjoy a world-class, globally competitive economy

  • the inhabitants are free to choose as they see fit, to follow their own dreams in their own ways,  without interference from government or any authoritarian power.

As Libertarians, we believe that the only just system is that in which every person enjoys unfettered individual liberty as a natural right, limited only by the need to respect the equal right of others to such liberty.  

We believe in the fundamental right of all individuals to have no action taken against them without their consent, provided they respect this right for others.

We defend each person's right to engage in any consensual activity and welcome the diversity that this freedom brings.

3. Rights

We libertarians hold that each individual enjoys the following  fundamental human rights, namely

  • the right to life

  • the right to pursue personal growth and happiness

  • the right to resist actions against you to which you do not consent

  • the right to own and profit from property.

  1. The right to life

Every individual has the right to life and bodily integrity. No action by any other individual or group may lawfully compromise this right. Individuals have the right to resist policies, laws, or actions that abridge this right.

  1. The right to pursue personal growth and happiness

Every individual has the right to use the attributes and resources of their life,  their energy, intelligence and will, to improve their circumstances, provided they do not use force or fraud. No one may be deprived of the opportunity to  profit from the exercise of their human potential in the name of the collective good.

  1. The right to consent

No action may be taken against law-abiding individuals without their prior, informed consent.

  1. The right to property

Every individual has the right to fully own property lawfully acquired through effort, trade, inheritance, or gift. No action by any other individual or group may lawfully compromise this right. No property owned by  law-abiding individuals may be taken without their prior, informed consent.

4. Protecting these rights

  1. Rule of law

No individual or institution, regardless of rank, is above the law. All individuals are equal before the law. The integrity of an independent and impartial judiciary, underpins the rule of law. The basis of law must be consent rather than coercion.

  1. Free trade

Free trade is based on the right of individuals to freely use their faculties or attributes to the best of their ability and on their right to fully own the property resulting from such use. These rights guarantee the freedom of choice of individuals, including their choice to freely associate with other individuals and to engage in trade. The exercise of these rights in conditions of scarcity makes competition, and cooperation, inevitable.

  1. The role of government

The rights to life, to growth, to consent, and to property are natural rights, and are thus not granted by a government. A government that does not recognise these rights lacks legitimacy. The duty of government is to protect these rights for individuals within the jurisdiction of the state. Government has an obligation of service to the people.

  1. Taxation

Taxation as currently coerced by the government violates the right to consent and the right to fully own property.

The migration to non-coercive revenue collection is an essential component in achieving truly accountable and responsive public bodies in a constitutional democracy.

As a Party we strive towards the abolition of counter-productive and coercive taxation measures by the state. Every citizen has an obligation to pay for those state provided services and infrastructure which they choose to use. As in normal business practice, no citizen has an obligation to pay for services and infrastructure which they do not use. The common law shall naturally develop to ensure appropriate restitution for any public bodies for services and infrastructure provided.

Any entity receiving public funds must be fully transparent in its accounting practices and must be held fully accountable to contributors.

  1. Responsibility

In order to ensure a free society individuals must take responsibility to ensure their own well being, be it economic, political, or social while respecting the rights of others.  No one may be compelled to assist another, no matter how urgent the other’s need.  An individual exists within the context of his or her family and community, who should assist when necessary. Individuals may gather in groups to assist one another on a voluntary basis, but such groups may not be used as a justification for encroachment on an individual’s rights.

Issued on 24th January 2014 by Trevor Watkins, Secretary of the Executive Committee of the Libertarian Party of South Africa.

Libertarian Party of South Africa (LiPSA). 011 888 4346, 083 4411 721


Press Release 3: LiPSA files registration papers with IEC

posted Jan 24, 2014, 10:48 PM by Liberty Libpartysa

Press Release 3: Libertarian Party of South Africa- 24th January 2014 15:35

For immediate and general distribution

Libertarian Party files registration papers with IEC

On Friday 24th January 2014 the Libertarian Party of South Africa (LiPSA) filed its party registration papers with the Independent Electoral Commission (IEC), with the intention of contesting the 2014 National Elections. The party comfortably exceeded the 500 signatures required to register a new political party.

The party has grown dramatically since its formation at its inaugural conference in Prince Albert 3 months ago. LiPSA is well represented on social media sites with active Facebook, Google+ and Twitter presences. To find out more about LiPSA and libertarianism, and to join the party, visit our website at

LiPSA is strongly committed to the libertarian philosophy of individual rather than group rights, of respect for life, liberty and property, of consent and non-aggression. More and more individual citizens are demanding a departure from the limiting and divisive nature of modern representative democracy, which elevates powerful groups at the expense of the interests and rights of individuals. Modern libertarianism allows every man and woman to own and control their own lives as they see fit, while respecting the equal rights of others.

Although few in number, the influence of libertarian thought has been profound and is taking root amongst modern youth. Currently most people cannot see or comprehend an alternative to the winner-takes-all brand of democracy by which they are ruled. It is the mission of libertarians worldwide to make the ideas of individual liberty and consent as widely known as the ideas of democracy. It is to this mission that The Libertarian Party of South Africa is committed.

Issued on 24th January 2014 by Trevor Watkins, Secretary of the Executive Committee of the Libertarian Party of South Africa.

Libertarian Party of South Africa (LiPSA). 011 888 4346, 083 4411 721


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