None may deny the hunger of the common people for a peaceful and prosperous life. A life free from rulers and tyrants, from taxes and tolls, from duties undesired and burdens unwanted.

It is in the nature of human beings that they gather in groups for their mutual benefit. Regulating these groups to minimise conflict and promote cooperation has been our great and ongoing challenge. We have slowly developed better forms of governance, advancing from the divine right of kings to the limited right of the majority. But conflict and corruption remain the order of the day, even in the best democracies.

The libertarian philosophy of individual rather than group rights, of respect for life, liberty and property, of consent and non-aggression, represents a giant step forward on the human path to civilisation. This is not a new philosophy, tracing its roots to ancient Greece and early China. Many of the basic ideas were developed 300 years ago in the age of enlightenment by visionaries such as Adam Smith, Thomas Jefferson and John Stuart Mill. Most of the American founding fathers would be described as libertarians today. Although few in number, the influence of libertarian thought has been profound and is taking root amongst modern youth.

More and more individual citizens are demanding a departure from the limited and divisive nature of modern representative democracy, which elevates powerful groups at the expense of the interests and rights of individuals.

As the Internet and modern technology allows every man and woman to express their individual preferences and choice of lifestyle, so will modern libertarianism allow every man and woman to own and control their own lives. Currently most people cannot see or comprehend an alternative to the winner-takes-all brand of democracy by which they are ruled. It is the mission of libertarians worldwide to make the ideas of individual liberty and consent as widely known as the ideas of democracy. It is to this mission that The Libertarian Party of South Africa is committed.


We libertarians hold that each individual enjoys the following fundamental human rights

·         the right to life

·         the right to pursue personal growth and happiness

·         the right to resist actions against you to which you do not consent

·         the right to own property

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How you can help

Right now, the primary medium term goal is to get a libertarian into parliament.  To achieve this goal, we need a minimum of 37 000 votes in the national election.Your actions below will help us to achieve that.


 Build a community

  • The goal: Most libertarians are not aware that they are libertarian until they meet and talk to like-minded people. Setting up a regular meeting for freedom-lovers would help us find our supporter base. The goal is to have regular monthly meetings in 30 towns across South Africa.
  • What you can do:  Set up a monthly “LibDin”, libertarian dinner, in your local community.  Find out if there is one in your area and, if there isn’t, start one!

 Make more libertarians

  • The goal:  There are people out there who have libertarian leanings, but they need a small nudge to get them to walk the path of believing in the power of human freedom.  The goal here is to convince 20,000 new people to join LiPSA as members.
  • What you can do: If you aren’t an official LiPSA member yet, you can join here.  If you are, set a goal for yourself to try to bring in 1 new member per week.

Make the message accessible

  • The goal: Everyone is different, and we need many different ways to reach people.  The goal is to fill the LiPSA blog with the voices of ordinary South Africans, explaining and demonstrating the principles of libertarianism.  The aim is to publish at least one new blog article per day.
  •  How you can help:  Write a blog post!  Maybe you can explain why you are libertarian in a way that speaks to someone, or explain how freedom in a specific area would improve the lives of the people involved.  Send your writing to

Bumper stickers

  • The goal:  Bumper stickers are a very visible way of communicating a short message to a large number of people.  The goal is to design, produce, and sell 1000 bumper stickers.
  • How you can help:  We need short punchy slogans, creative and clear graphical layout, and we need a printing company to produce the results.  Can you help with any part of that?

Build the presence on Facebook

  • The goal: We want to expose as many people to libertarianism, and to LiPSA, as possible.  The goal is to get 5000 people to Like the LiPSA Facebook page
  • How you can help: Make sure you have Liked the Facebook page yourself here, and then build engagement: Share LiPSA posts on your Timeline, and add posts of your own to the LiPSA Timeline.

Build the presence on Google+

  • The goal: We want to expose as many people to libertarianism, and to LiPSA, as possible.  The goal is to get 1000 people to +1 the LiPSA Google+ page
  • How you can help: Make sure you have visited and +1’d the Google+ page yourself here, and then build engagement: Share LiPSA posts, and add posts of your own to the LiPSA page.

Build the presence on Twitter

  • The goal: We want as many people as possible finding out about libertarianism.  The goal is to get 100 mentions of the #libertysa  tag per day on Twitter.
  • How you can help:  Tweet!  Let people know that there is a solution, and it needs their help.